SMD Taped Components Counter

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Large Manual Stencil Printer T4560

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Motorized electron-optical  SMD components counter, works by  detecting cut-out holes on  SMD reel tapes, accurate and fast.  

  • Highly accurate, no counting errors
  • Can be used with any reel tapes
  • Forward or  reverse counting,  double  check; Also count to preset numbers
  • Max. tape diameter to 15", 380mm
  • Fast. It takes about 100 seconds to count and rewind a full 0805 tape.
  • Innovative external design to view the counter readout and components on the tape at the same time
  • Easy operation


  • Counter: -59999  ~ 59999 pcs  
  • Size: 430  *  235  *  250  mm  (  W x D x H  )
  • Weight: 9.5  Kg  
  • Tapes:  All SMD tapes
  • Print: Yes
  • Missing component detection: Yes
  • Power: 110V or 220V, 60W
BC2000 Basic model
BC2100P Basic model with printer
BC2100PS Basic model with printer and bar code reader
BC2100PT Basic model with empty pocket detection
BC2200 With all options


Operational Instructions:

1. Power the machine

After the power is turned on, the LCD displays:
and changes to:
20 04 12 03 14 : 30
followed by:
     00000     1
The startup self-checking process is finished at this time. 

2. Keys and Settings

TIME key: Clock setting. Press this key shortly will display the date and time on the LCD. Press and hold it for 10 seconds will switch to time setting mode:
20  **  **  **  ** : **
Enter the current date and time. Press the TIME key again to exit.

POCKET CHECK key: Press this key will start the missing components detection process. LCD will display a "@" symbol on the upper left corner. The machine stops and beeps if it detects an empty position on the tape. Press this key again will switch to normal operation mode. This function is available only on BC2100PT and BC2200 models.

   @  DATA   PITCH   SET
        00000     1

PRINT key: Print components quantity and current time. It can also print bar code. This function is available on BC2100P, BC2100PS and BC2200. It only prints positive numbers.

PITCH key: This key will set the tape pitch. According to EIA-481 standard, available pitches(P:PO ratio) are: 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, .... Press the PITCH key repeatedly till the LCD displays the required pitch. 

It can be seen that pitch equals the number of puncture holes between two parts(gaps between two holes are 4mm on all tapes).

PRESET key: Press this key and enter the desired number, the machine counts to this preset number and stops there. Press this key again will return to normal mode.

   00000     1       1234

Note: Preset value is invalid if >59999.

CLEAR key: reset the counter.
START key: start the counting. Motors start moving, the tape transfers from one reel to the other.
STOP key: Stop counting.
REWIND key: Press this key rewinds the tape from the temp reel to the original reel. The counter decreases at the same time. It stops when the counter reaches zero. This also verifies the accuracy of the counting.

3. Operation
  • Mount the reel to be counted on the left side. Make sure there is a temp reel on the right side. Manually lead the tape through the counting gears. Rotate the temp reel till the first component is aligned with the press wheel.
  • Set the pitch value as specified above.
  • Press the START key to start counting. Note: the counter increases or decreases no matter it is moved by the motors or manually.
  • Remind the tape back to the original reel by pressing the REWIND key. Rewinding also verifies the counting result.
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