Madell QK982B Solder Paste Dispenser

Manual Stencil Printer YSJ-250

Manual Stencil Printer YSJ-250

Electrical Pick and Place Vacuum Pens

Electrical Pick and Place Vacuum Pens

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ThE dispenser can be used to evenly apply solder paste on to fine IC pads on circuit boards, a necessary tool for prototyping or repairing.

Injection dosage and time can be controlled by adjusting the air pressure, choosing an appropriate duration and needle. Mini foot pedal for convenient operation. Various nozzles to suit different needs.

User's manual.


  •          Timing:  0.01-1S; 1-10S; 2-20S; 3-30S programmable.
  •          Accuracy:  0.5%.
  •          Mini injection dosage: 0.01mL.
  •          Input air pressure: 2.5-7bar(35-100psi).
  •          Output air pressure: 0.7-7bar(1-100psi).
  •          Dimension: 238x150x60mm.
  •          110V power supply. 220V model available.
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