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Digital Soldering Station

AT980D ESD Soldering Station

AT980D ESD Soldering Station

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Packing List

  • CT-859 Desoldering Station
  • Accessories to CT-859 (4 desoldering tips, cleaning rod, filter, etc.)
  • Soldering Stand
  • Operational Manual
  • Power Cord


  • Anti-static design prevents damage caused by static and creepage.
  • Powerful built-in vacuum pump doesn't require connection to another vaccuum system.
  • Heating system is an adopted sensor that uses closed loop temperature control to ensure precision and constant temperature.
  • Transformer makes the power from the main power supply into 26V AC low voltage for the heating element, ensuring safety.
  • High quality hot-resistant soft vacuum tube, to avoid damage by hot desoldering gum.
  • Electromotor of vacuum pump is temperature safe, preventing damage due to long use.


Power Supply Voltage 110±10%V AC 60Hz
Heating Power 60W/27 ± 10% AC 60Hz
Desoldering Tip Temperature 280°C-450°C
Pump Diaphragm
Vacuum Suction -680mmHg
Tip to Ground Resistance Less than 2Ohm
Electromotor Power 40W/110V AC
Tip to Ground Potention Less than 2mV
Dimension 105x250x165mm
Weight About 4kg w/ iron holder & power cord