Semi-auto/Auto Pick and Place Machine

Tabletop IR+Convection Reflow Oven with PCB Conveyor

Tabletop IR+Convection Reflow Oven with PCB Conveyor

Automatic Stencil Printer

Automatic Stencil Printer

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  • Comes with two USB cameras: one vision USB camera mounted on machine head for easy upgrading to automatic alignment; one alignment camera (1080p high resolution) on the machine frame
  • Automatic nozzle changer
  • Pick place parts 0.2mm or bigger, works for different IC's, TQFP, BGA, SOP,etc.
  • Place fine pitch IC's
  • Windows 10 software; can be used on desktop or notebook computers
  • Vision alignment is manual; can be upgraded to automatic
  • Detachable feeder rack, easy to exchange. Included feeders: two SX-3 8mm, six SX-2 8mm
  • Max feeder capacity: 30x8mm tape feeders on one rack; can use multiple racks
  • Holds up to 7"x18" PCB.
  • Max speed is around 2500 parts per hour.
  • Fully programmable digital Z-axis and Theta rotation angles
  • X and Y axes 0.02mm resolution, 0.045° rotational resolution. XY resolution can be 10 times coarse or 6 times finer.
  • One click universal conversion of PCB software exported pick place files, including Eagle, OrCard, etc.
  • 12 month warranty
  • Machine dimension: 38"x18"x15", weight: 50 pounds
  • Made in USA


  • Solder paste dispenser
  • Machine extension for larger feeder capacity or longer PCB
  • Additional feeders
  • Gast vacuum pump